Have you found yourself wondering what kind of gift should I take with me when visiting, going to an event or just saying thank you?

Especha teamaster is blending carefully chosen best tasting plants, berries and flowers around the world into gift teas with special messages. Especha teas make compliments easy 🙂

Finally it is easy to find a great gift for any occasion: birthday, valentines day, thanksgiving, wedding, mother’s day, father’s day, halloween, new job, childbirth, anniversary etc

Tea blends like “You are talented”,  ”I am happy” or “You are sweet” make nice gifts for several occasions.

  • Free from artificial flavors, pesticides and genetically modified crops
  • Glass containers with designed wooden lid are air-tight and easy to use – easier to open and close than paper and plastic bags, this preserves the tastes and aromas better

Healthy and beatiful gift Epecha uses design as fundamental principle, thus products are perfect as presents and as interior design elements. The tea containers, teapots, kettles have been developed by young talented designers.

Avoiding plastic As the safety of plastic has not been scientificly proven and dangerous micropieces of plastic may get into food when in contact with plastic containers, Especha uses glass and wood in packaging.

Tea workshops Especha organises workshops, where its possible to learn how to make difference between tea blends with synthetic additives and high quality naturally pure tea. We talk about tea storing, practice making original tea blends etc The same way as many pople like to cook, try new recipies and experiment with different ingredients, it is also possible to make tea. It is easy to find info about cooking methods and recipies, but finding info how to make tea blends is quite difficult and more knowhow that belongs to teamasters. Especha would like to raise blanket from othis secret and help do-it-yourself minded people be as create with tea making as with cooking. People are capable of sensing up to 10 000 different smell and taste combinations, how many teas have you tried? Especha has developed easy tea blending methodology based on taste groups. It is very easy to create delicious taste, if all taste groups are used in one tea, that can be tuned sweeter, spicy, more sour and minty as you like. You can experient in tea club with other tea lovers or individually at home.

Especha name comes from ‘cha’ as tea in Chinese and other languages, and ‘especia’ as spices in Spanish